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Jennifer Gennari at Drawing America

Jennifer Gennari

“Doing this work is a very big challenge. It requires a lot of active thought and a solid road map to what you want your painting to look like in the end. It’s through these lessons, both new and repetitive that we all will continue to grow, and I can’t tell you how exciting that is. I’m honored to be assisting you all in your work and overwhelmed by your dedication.” – Jennifer Gennari

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Drawing America

Jennifer Gennari Paints Tilda

Join artist Jennifer Gennari as she paints an original oil painting of Tilda from start to finish.

She discusses the brushes she uses, the colors she works with, and her painting techniques every step of the way.

Download the photo we supply and paint your own.

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Drawing America

Jennifer Gennari Paints The Sphinx

Jennifer Gennari creates an original painting from start to finish. Ms. Gennari begins by discussing each color she uses, her palette, and her medium. She then discusses her brushes, one by one. After the in-depth discussion about her materials, Ms. Gennari paints and discusses every step of her painting process from start to finish. The camera covers the canvas and her palette so you can watch the entire process stroke by stroke. We also provide a copy of the source photo so you can create your own painting of the same subject.

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Drawing America

Jennifer Gennari Paints the Lynx

Join master artist Jennifer Gennari as she creates an original oil painting from start to finish. Jennifer goes into full detail about the paints she uses, her brushes, support, and medium. This course is over two hours and shows Jen’s process from start to finish. A high-resolution image of the Lynx cat is included for students to download and work form.

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About Jennifer Gennari

Jennifer Gennari is a classically trained artist. She graduated in 2005 from Ringling College of Art and Design and in 2008 left for Italy to study at the Florence Academy of Art where she spent three years abroad studying classical realism under Daniel Graves.

Jennifer has been painting animals since 2014 and is driven by a deeply rooted passion to elevate and legitimize the life we have with them. Jennifer is one of the first contemporary artists to focus entirely on animal painting, and the first to spotlight the Alla Prima method centered on capturing animals with the life, drama, and integrity of a traditional human portrait. There is a breath of individual emotion and personality inside each portrait as if their soul was captured within the paint. Her work is the definition of Labor of Love.

Jennifer has also written a book on drawing the human figure, has hosted an online class through Craftsy that instructs beginners on the techniques used in creating a traditional portrait in charcoal, and is presently teaching an ever growing class on animal portraiture through Drawing America.

Jennifer’s work has been used in television shows and movies, and has received multiple awards and honors.

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Jennifer Gennari's Work



"This class has made my entire year. I have been wanting to take a course with you for so long and I had been getting all ready to meet you in Rome in May until COVID 19 happened. But then this even better opportunity to do ongoing study with you presented itself and so I happily jumped right in! You’re a fantastic teacher. I’ve been learning so much and I’m looking forward to so much more."



“Oh man, thank you so much Jennifer. You don’t know how much I appreciate your comments and input! I struggle so much with color mixing and being able to mix the subtle changes in value. I want so badly to be able to paint with intention and enjoy the journey while being confident in the process."



“I absolutely love coming to this site to learn and rewatch the demos. I live isolated in Northern Canada and this is just such an incredible venue for me to learn.”