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Paul Heaston Wide Angle Sketching Workshop

Paul Heaston: LIVE – Wide Angle Sketching April 2020

This course will help you understand how to approach the seemingly impossible task of sketching your whole field of view from direct observation. We’ll go over the basics of perspective before diving into how to curve space and keep track of large amounts of visual information to get that characteristic “wide-angle” composition. Concepts are presented in an intuitive way and no rulers are needed!

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David Drazil Sketch Like an Architect

David Drazil – Sketch Like an Architect

Drawing America only recommends classes and books we believe will improve the drawings and skills of our members. We have partnered with David Drazil because we believe his video and book are excellent resources for our members.

Charles White Drawing

The Drawings of Charles White

We wanted to share the drawings of artist Charles White with the Drawing America audience. You can see our brief review below. If you get a chance to see Mr. White’s work in person, we recommend it as they are very large and meticulously drawn.