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Jennifer Gennari Online Class

Jennifer Gennari Paints Tilda

Jennifer Gennari’s Oil Painting Course for Drawing America

Jennifer Gennari paints and original oil paint of Tilda from start to finish. She discusses the brushes she uses, the colors she works with and her painting techniques every step of the way.  – with Special Guest Nicholas Lowry and Tilda!

Drawing America News
ARTicle Kelly Foss at drawing America

6 Steps to ReNEW your Art in the New Year

You’ve changed a lot in the past century, but has your art? You might need to blow the cobwebs off your style or refresh yourself so you’re excited about your art again. Check out the following 6 Steps to ReNEW your Art.

Paul Heaston Sketchbook Video

Paul Heaston Sketchbook Video

We want to introduce our community to the work of artist Paul Heaston though many of you likely know him already as he has about 250,000 Instagram followers.

Daniel in The Lions Den Rubens

Life Drawing Inspired by Rubens

Every Sunday through Jan 5th, from 2-5 pm there is Life Drawing inspired by Rubens work. As always if you are able to attend, let us know how it was and share your work.

Drawing shows four soldiers carrying a wounded soldier on a litter at the front during the World War II Battle of Guadalcanal.

Howard Brodie War Artist

For Veterans Day 2019, we want to introduce our audience to the work of Howard Brodie. Mr. Brodie was born in 1915 in Oklahoma. After