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Jennifer Gennari Online Class

Jennifer Gennari Paints Tilda

Jennifer Gennari paints an original oil painting of Tilda from start to finish. She discusses the brushes she uses, the colors she works with and her painting techniques every step of the way. 

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Paul Heaston Wide Angle Sketching Workshop

Paul Heaston NYC Workshop

Most location sketches are a carefully cropped view of a larger scene. We often like to focus on visually interesting scenes and vignettes, selecting and editing our compositions carefully. But what if we pull back, and try to put it *all* down on paper?

Charles White Drawing

The Drawings of Charles White

We wanted to share the drawings of artist Charles White with the Drawing America audience. You can see our brief review below. If you get a chance to see Mr. White’s work in person, we recommend it as they are very large and meticulously drawn.

Jean-Jacques Lequeu

Jean-Jacques Lequeu: Visionary Architect

Hello Everyone, We just saw an amazing show at The Morgan Library (aka our happy place) and we wanted to share the promo video they produced so you might get a taste of it and also visit them if you have time.

Master Drawings New York Tours

Master Drawings New York Tours

Drawing New York (our New York chapter) is thrilled to be hosting 10 tours again for Master Drawings New York. We are happy to be included with some amazing cultural institutions as you can see above.

ARTicle Kelly Foss at drawing America

6 Steps to ReNEW your Art in the New Year

You’ve changed a lot in the past century, but has your art? You might need to blow the cobwebs off your style or refresh yourself so you’re excited about your art again. Check out the following 6 Steps to ReNEW your Art.

Paul Heaston Sketchbook Video

Paul Heaston Sketchbook Video

We want to introduce our community to the work of artist Paul Heaston though many of you likely know him already as he has about 250,000 Instagram followers.