Jennifer Gennari Human Portrait Painting (Recorded)

Join artist Jennifer Gennari as she leads you through every step of the portrait painting process. This course covers, image selection, drawing, transferring your image to a canvas, grisaille painting, color theory and development, and finally refining your work to completion. The source image is provided so you can paint with Jennifer. Assignments are given at the end of each recorded class for you to complete each stage. (Yes, you can also apply this course to any image you may have of someone else that you wish to paint. Students may work in acrylic paint if they wish.)
Video Classes

Over 5 Hours


7 Assignments

Source Image

Hi-res Source Image

Source Videos

Real-time Videos

We provide a high-quality source image that Jennifer paints from in the video. Many students choose to work from their own photographs. Because the course does not expire and you can rewatch as many times as you wish, you can create multiple portraits. 

Jennifer recommends students work on a painting between 11″x14″ and 16″x20″. 

Jennifer’s paints are Ivory black (Michael Harding)English red (Old Holland), vermilion (Zecchi), alizarin crimson (Michael Harding)Cobalt blue (Michael Harding), viridian (Vasari), emerald green (Michael Harding), yellow ochre (Vasari), Naples yellow (Vasari), lead white (Rublev) 

While two of them are expensive you may not need them for your portrait.

Jennifer uses a wide assortment of brushes which she discusses in a video provided. 

All lessons are provided using oil paints. Many students have used acrylic in the classes to great success. Working with pastels may have diminishing returns for students as techniques such as glazing will not translate well. However, students who wish to learn Jennifer’s techniques and are advanced enough to apply those lessons to their pastel practice are welcome so long as they understand this limit.

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