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Will Weston Drawing New York

We are thrilled that Will Weston will be joining us for an illustrated lecture and master class on September 21st and 22nd. You can purchase your tickets for that here.

In the meantime, we wanted to give students insight into what books Mr. Weston recommends for learning anatomy and as always, why. Here is a post from his Instagram account with links to the books.

I’ve been asked a lot about books lately and this is a response. As I mentioned previously, I draw from my anatomy books when I have a few minutes downtime (not a lot of that lately). It’s relaxing, doesn’t require a lot of thought, and gradually drives the specifics of the human body into your head. I like;

Anatomy For Sculptors, (Zarins, Kondrats) Spirit of the Pose (Karl Gnass)

More Below…

Anatomy For the Artist (Morpho) Complete Book of Life Drawing, (Bridgeman)

and (Vilppu) Drawing Manual.

I also draw from past masters. I rarely copy their style (don’t with the anatomy books either), but use them as a way to develop my own approach (for those who don’t like the word “style”). This works for any type of drawing. I have books on industrial drawing I’ve sketched from, and just sketching drives those processes into your head as well.

I’m grabbing some time to sketch from my anatomy books. It’s a bit mindless and very relaxing. Here’s a list of what I look at (other than a lot of great artists on Instagram):”

Anatomy for the Artist: (Jeno Barcsay)

Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist: (Peck)

Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters: (Hale)

Complete Guide to Life Drawing: (Gottfried Bammes)

Human Anatomy For Artists: (Elliot Goldfinger)

Figure Drawing For Artists: (Steve Huston)

Drawing People: (Bradley)

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