Tonight’s class is focused on the progression of line, shape, and volumes. 

We will look at the work of Italian painter and draftsman Luca Cambiaso 1527 – 1585.

Line describing shape and implying 3D volume
Loss of 3d volume in front leg returning to shape
Line describing 3d volume of squared up back end of horse.
Decorative use of line adorning rounded back end of horse.
Addition of value to describe the 3d volume lit.
Toulouse Lautrec -- the danger of lighting flattening volumes
Simplification of lit volumes to show direction and weight.
Grouped forms covered by value (value shape emerges) and the implication of ground through lighting.

For our work tonight;

  1. use simple volumes to build your figure
  2. use line to describe the volume as 3d
  3. if using shade make sure it accentuates the volume not flattens it back to a shape
  4. imply a connection to the ground or background through light

As always I am here to work with you on your drawings and discuss the anatomy and the figure itself. 

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