Fundamentals of Still Life Painting – Nick Eisele


During this 5 week course, I will guide you in setting up and completing a Still Life Painting. Each week we will break down the basics. I will teach you how to block in a drawing using shapes of shadows, turning the form with simplified values, and achieving rich colors and textures.

  • Pre class video covering materials (available upon sign up).
  • Week 1 Materials – Prep/Toned – Shadow shapes – Demos of simple block-in.
  • Week 2 Value and how to turn form in black and white
  • Week 3 Beginning color, warm /cool/local, and mixing. Desaturate color with compliments, basic color theory, and environmental effect on the subject.
  • Week 4 Composition, setting up multiple objects and filling in the whole painting.
  • Week 5 Finishing the work, eye path, focal point, edge control
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