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I’ve been drawing since I was about 6, at grandma’s kitchen table on the farm back in Illinois. I branched into fabrics and sewing at about 10. Mom was making Barbie clothes for my sister and frankly, they wouldn’t fit Ken, so I had to learn how to make alterations. In high school I stripped a chair down to the springs and re-did the whole wingback thing in a Marimekko-esque floral print. I wish I still had that chair. Comfort counts.

Lately, I’ve been drawing a lot with Drawing New York and several other figure drawing sessions here in NYC. I love drawing the figure. There’s a meditative quality to that intense focus and purposeful mark-making, especially when the model breathes. They do that. What I do next makes the drawing come alive (or not). I prefer longer poses and portraits, mostly in graphite, sometimes in charcoal with white charcoal highlights on toned paper. I’ve discovered a new love: pen and ink. I will occasionally wander into watercolors, but I prefer the stark and sometimes unforgiving qualities of black and white.

I’m always up for a challenge. I’m drawing two dog portraits right now, part of a give-away for a charity I’m involved with. I’m almost done, and when I am, I’ll be done with animal portraits. Done.

I love helping people envision their personal space. I’m a residential interior designer with a masters degree from Pratt Institute. Check out my website.

Let me know what you think of my work as a designer and artist. Your opinions matter, especially when those opinions help me become a better designer and artist.

Insta me @kentcurtis_art

See you in Paris.

Ciao, KC