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Kelly Foss, I love art because… 21 Artists Reply

I love art! But why? Is that something you’ve ever asked yourself? While thinking about my own reasons lately I got curious; Are the reasons I love art unique?

I decided to reach out and ask my fellow professional artists and art lovers to compare notes. I was so inspired by their answers I decided share them with you (also links to their Instagram accounts so you can be inspired by their artwork)!

I asked each person the same thing: How would you finish this question? “I love art because…” Here are their replies. -Kelly Foss

21 Artists Reply

Mario Robinson

…it’s a refuge from the challenges life presents. It inspires me and allows me to appreciate my fellow man and revere nature in all its wonder. (I love art for many reasons) I could go on and on. 

Renato Muccillo

…without it, I would live in a world where people spoke a language I couldn’t understand.

Howard Lyon

…it brings a sense of something greater than oneself and can instill beauty in the mundane. I feel a hope for humankind when I stand in front of Bernini sculpture. That a fellow human could create something like that makes me believe we are animals and (makes me) proud to be part of humanity.

Tony Curanaj

…it loves me back.

Ramon Alexander Hurtado

…it helps me slow down time and makes me pay attention to the world around me. It’s a good reminder to engage with and appreciate the present. 

Annie Stegg Gerard​

…it’s how I communicate with the world!

Romel de la Torre

…it is my passion, an intimate journey, and it is my life.

Hillary Scott

…it brings excitement, curiosity, challenge, meaning, and passion to my everyday life.

Kenneth Yarus

… it can lift us out of the mundane, both in the creation and the appreciation of it.

Dustin Adamson

…it is a chance to slow down and contemplate about the things both around and inside us.

Juan Jr. Ramirez

…I’ll take a plane to see a Sargent.

Kyle Ma

…of the almost infinite variety of things we can do with our materials.

Chris Herrera

…it helps me make sense of the world around me.

Andrew Tischler

…art is my sole purpose for my life. I live and breathe it.

Kathy Morris

…it fills my life with beauty.

Victoria Cole

…it helps me say things I can’t put into words.

Kyle Vincent Thomas

…it is the language which connects me to the whole entire experience and condition, the beauty and suffering of life. I love art because it brings attention to the mundane and the exquisite the royal and the other. It reflects how the divine eye sees creation. I love art for the same reason why I love my wife, I just do.

Steve Bjorkman

…I get to express thoughts, emotions and even humor. I am designed to be creative and love art because I can express that which can’t be expressed in other ways. I’m also fascinated by the creative bent in others, seeing how it comes out in their art. I just turned 68 and I feel more creatively alive than ever.

Patricia A. Domanski

…of the deep seated energy that wells up when “in the process” and getting into “the zone” where space and time cease to exist. And the beauty in the small stuff (like lovely ears, brushstrokes, patches of light, rich shadow areas, lost and found edges…) that come together to make a masterpiece. And, when looking at art, to be transported to a different place in time; to imagine that point in history.

Ruben Aeneas (poet)

It lets people create beautiful manifestations of the things they’ve always wanted to express. It adds color to the canvas that is the world. It allows us to immerse ourselves in the thoughts and feelings of others. Whereas history records the facts of the world, art records its beauty.

Kelly Foss

…it’s always been my escape. All that’s wrong in the world, it melts away. Art allows me to create a world of light and love, where everyone is safe. In more recent years I’ve heard myself talk about art as a person. A lover. An angel with whom I wrestle through the night for a blessing. Whether art is a person or place in my mind, in my heart I love it.

Special thanks to the artists who let me pick their brains and use their words. NOW it’s your turn. How would you finish the sentence “I love art because…”?

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