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How do I contact my instructor?

We ask that all communication about your course go through the Drawing America website. We strongly discourage all off-site communication and are not responsible for any off-site interaction.

There are two ways to contact your instructor through Drawing America: 

  1. Post into the Course Group Discussions: This is the primary method to use to reach out to instructors in most cases. If you have a course-related question about homework or lessons, other students will benefit from seeing your question and the instructor’s reply. Additionally, this is where your instructor is most likely to see your message.                                              PLEASE SEE HOW TO POST INTO YOUR CLASS GROUPS HERE.
  2. Using the Drawing America messaging system: While #1 above is our recommended method of communicating with your instructor, you may also message a teacher. Please note: Your instructor is not obligated to reply to direct messaging. Drawing America is able to view all direct messages and no presumption of privacy is implied by Drawing America.

      To message, follow the steps below:

      Under “Members,” click on their icon. You must first send a connection request.

Once they approve that, you can send a direct message though Drawing America’s messaging system. Replies will be seen on the top right as a red alert badge.