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Rembrandt Master Copy With Ben Valentine

In this 5 week (6 lessons) course, we’ll be doing a copy after the phenomenal genius of western art, Rembrandt van Rijn. We’ll be following the historical process of the initial sketch, the monochromatic lay-in, grisaille/dead coloring, and finalizing with glazes and scumbles. Don’t worry if some of these words are foreign to you now, we’ll go into these in much detail.
May 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th & June 5th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm EST
Each Saturday live class includes video demonstrations of the instructor working on his version of the picture while he explains what he is doing and takes questions. The demo will be sped up so we can maximize the amount of learning within a comfortable amount of time. Questions will of course be welcome during the class to get you prepared for the painting assignment. 
Students will be painting along with the instructor during the week in their own studios as we virtually complete our painting “together” from the first stroke to the final touch. Weekly personal critique images will be due Thursday evenings by 3:00am EST and you’ll receive your recorded feedback the following Saturday. 
*Students may watch recordings of classes posted on the evening of each class if they are not able to attend live on Zoom.     
Week 1: Monochrome sketch and Grisaille start
Week 2: Refining Grisaille and beginning “working up”
Week 3: Overpainting and glazing or “dead-coloring”
Week 4: Glazing & Scumbling
Week 5: Final Touches and bringing it all together – Victory!

Our purpose in this project won’t be to make a perfect facsimile of a painting, but rather, we’ll be using the loose structural process mentioned above as a guideline through which we can explore and discover our own unique style of brushwork, layering and form expression.

While we’ll be referencing historical materials, we will not shy away from making full use of the modern materials that are available to us. Rembrandt most certainly would have done the same. Modern best practices will be discussed and we’ll go over everything we can do to make our paintings last the test of time. I’m very excited to spend some quality time learning from Rembrandt and hope you will join me.

This class calls for specific materials listed below. When you sign up you will be able to watch several videos discussing each material in-depth and their intended use. There is a forum for questions and answers and your instructor loves to discuss these.

Please scroll through the 4 page PDF below.

Ben Valentine is self-describe artist, educator and technique nerd. In 2021 he won the Rembrandt Competition. With the image below. Here is account of the creation. 

12″x12″ Oil on Panel. Copy after Rembrandt’s “Self Portrait at the Age of 34”

My goal with this copy was to learn more about indirect painting techniques and to attempt to emulate some of the micro variation that Rembrandt achieves in his various textures.

The next stage was basically a colored dead painting anyway and I could have just started with color and just keyed it lighter.

I found it very easy to get bedazzled with all the color variation with the glazes and lose the big form modeling and drawing. I should have spent way more time resolving the drawing and forms in the grisaille or dead-coloring stage.

I probably lost 3 years off my lifespan trying to paint the shadow of the hat on the forehead and the brow furrow. It was brutes magoots.

But I think in the end, I did achieve my goal for the project of learning more about creating variation in texture and color in flesh. 

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons