LIVE: Jennifer Gennari: Animal Portraits (Online)

Greetings to everyone across the country/world! In such an uncertain time I've been finding comfort in maintaining a rhythm with my art. My hope is that we can all come together in this course to learn new things, share our art, and create a strong rhythm, together. Enrollment is ongoing and you can join anytime. Get your supplies ready, this is going to be a really fun course!

Every Saturday from 12:00 – 1:30 PM EST we will meet “in person” via Zoom. Students can share their work based on my homework assignment from the previous week. I will critique live and show my own work and even occasionally use the time for a live demo for everyone to watch. Students will use the following week to work on their painting and have it ready for the next meeting.

Every Wednesday evening¬†I will visit our forum to answer any questions or check out your progress shots. Not only will this feel like a kind of private session with me, but you’ll also get an inside look into what your peers are doing and hopefully feed off that as well. I’ve often found that I learn just as much from seeing others work and hearing the critiques they get, as I do from a direct critique of my own.

When you enroll please watch the brush, color and canvas-prep videos below to learn about my basic materials.

IMPORTANT: Every Saturday at 9:00 AM the new lesson will open up with that days ZOOM meeting link. Here is a HELP PAGE we made for ZOOM!

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