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6 Lessons

Alex Hillkurtz 6 Week Live Watercolor Class from Paris (Winter)

In this 6 week live course, I’ll share some of my favorite Paris locations with you, and guide you through my process of creating evocative urban watercolor paintings.

6 Lessons

Will Weston Composition for Animation and Film Late Fall 2020

This class builds on skills developed in Drawing for Composition and MAD SCIENCE (more drawing for composition). It extends our exploration into the development of layouts (composition) suitable for animation and film. Skills learned here are applicable to illustration, urban sketching, and landscape composition. Live Class Schedule (via Zoom) Nov 8, 15, 22, 29, & Dec 6, 13 Working from an instructor-provided story prompt, students spend 6 weeks learning to execute all stages of a composition's development, from initial storyboards and prop design through rough sketches and on to final the composition (layout). This is important because, professionally, every developmental stage is used in review processes that determine the future direction of a project. Everything, thumbnails to the final layout, must be clear and provide visual information needed for creative decision making. Students get two story prompts to choose from. That’s beneficial educationally because students will see a variety of solutions applied to the same problem. Story prompts change for each new 6-week class, so students can take the class 2 or 3 times if needed without repeating projects. For more advanced students, this is potentially a portfolio-building class. There are no requirements for this class, however, it assumes students enter with reasonable drawing skills. If in doubt, consider taking Drawing for Composition, or MAD SCIENCE (recommended in this order) first. Those courses prepare students for this one. Live Class Schedule (via Zoom) Nov. 8, 15, 22, 29, & Dec 6, 13. All classes meet 12:00 - 1:30 EST.

6 Lessons

Will Weston Drawing for Composition Late Fall 2020

Drawing for Composition is a 6-week class that I’ve taught in the US and in Europe. It gives students the object drawing skills needed to later excel at compositional techniques used by contemporary Illustrators, entertainment artists, and landscape artists. Students learn drawing methods that allow for differences in style, that cover a variety of objects, and allow students to draw anything they may encounter in reference photography or out in the world. Live Class Schedule (Zoom): Nov 7, 14, 21, 28, & Dec 5, 12. All classes from 2:30 - 4:00 EST. Replays available the next day.

6 Lessons

Will Weston Costume Drawing Late Fall 2020

Join Will Weston for a LIVE, in-depth 6-part class on Costume Drawing!

15 Lessons

Jennifer Gennari LIVE: Beginner

For students who have not oil painted before or consider themselves beginners.

14 Lessons

Jennifer Gennari LIVE: Intermediate

For oil painting students with some oil painting experience; intermediate to advanced.

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12 Lessons

Jennifer Gennari Paints The Sphinx Cat

Ms. Gennari paints and discusses every step of her painting process from start to finish.

6 Lessons

Kevin Wueste – Drawing Heads and Portraits – Recorded

This class empowers beginners with new skills and techniques to draw natural-looking portraits; pushes intermediate artists to the next level and assists more advanced students with tools to open new pathways for their portrait work.

7 Lessons

Principles of Color with Todd M. Casey

This class is for people who are interested in formally 'studying' color (beginner or intermediate).

13 Lessons

Jennifer Gennari Paints Tilda

Jennifer Gennari paints an original oil painting of Tilda from start to finish.

12 Lessons

Will Weston Costume Drawing

2-hour drawing session plus a 2-hour live lecture focused on costume drawing.

9 Lessons

Will Weston Figure Drawing Class

Shot live on location in NYC this two-hour session begins with strategies for drawing the figure.

6 Lessons

Will Weston Composition Lecture

This Lecture is great for multi-figure paintings, film design, animation, and entertainment arts.

12 Lessons

Will Weston Figure Drawing Lecture

This High-Quality Video is a live illustrated-lecture by artist and educator Will Weston filmed live in New York City for Drawing New York.

7 Lessons

Weston: Mad Science

This drawing workshop uses old submarine interiors, steam cars, tanks, pre WW1 flying machines, and 19th century dental and medical equipment as references allowing drawing students to portray character-filled man-made lab equipment, creepy lab furniture, and environments. Students learn to draw everything using cylinders (pipes & pipe fittings), balls, boxes, wire and ropes, all exaggerated for clarity and expression. Students then scale and design a cutaway for a Mad Scientists laboratory allowing for staging and potential layouts.

7 Lessons

Will Weston Figure Drawing Fall 2020

In this 6-week (7 lesson) workshop, students will learn basic figure construction and then proceed through the figure focusing more in-depth on human anatomy.