Join the Director of the Morgan for: A New Renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), Bathers, 1884-85, red and white chalk

The Morgan Library and Museum have generously presented Drawing New York with a ticket to giveaway to our members for, A New Renoir with museum Director Colin B. Bailey.

This intimate event at The Morgan is limited to fewer than 20 attendees and ticket prices are $100, $75 for Morgan Member.

But we have one to give to one of our members for free.

To enter to win this ticket we ask that you comment on this post letting us know why you draw, or what role drawing has played in your life. Why is it significant to you?

We will let our members know who is joining us for this event on Monday, April 22nd. Please feel free to share this with your friends who also love to draw.

A New Renoir at the Morgan April 24th from 6:00.

Between 1884 and 1887, Renoir’s most significant project was the large horizontal canvas of The Great Bathers, which he exhibited on 8 June 1887 at the Galerie Georges Petit in Paris. The painting, today in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, depicts three female nudes under a peerless summer sky. Colin B. Bailey, Director, discusses how for this large composition, Renoir made at least twenty preparatory drawings and figure studies in various formats and media, of which the Morgan’s recent acquisition is one of the most ambitious and most perfectly preserved.


  1. Drawing Is Life
    To observe nature, and to truly appreciate it, one must draw.
    In addition to enhancing the powers of observation, drawing can transport the artist to a special, almost meditative place.

    Vera Stein

  2. Drawing reveals to me the beauty and sublimity of the visual.

  3. Drawing has been and will always be my safe space where I can explore and express what’s meaningful to me without ever saying a word.

  4. When I sit to draw, I engage the subject with the eyes of my eyes and then caress it will the hand of my full presence. Such bliss!

  5. I learned how to draw when I attended The School of Visual Arts. After I finished SVA, I continued to attend sketch classes since drawing made my paintings much, much better, regardless of the subject matter I was painting.

    As the years passed, I continued to attend sketch classes. I found that drawing — because it was never easy for me — made me smarter as it challenged my brain. It was then that I started to fully appreciate and love drawing on its own. I now draw simply to draw and I am proud of this wonderful language that I learned.

  6. “Are you left-brained or right-brained?”

    Folks like to categorize others, and themselves, as either left- or right- brained. I believe that such a dichotomy is a lot of hokum. We are all creative.

    Our creative impulse may be expressed by asking questions. We explore these questions in the realms of music, visual arts, written word, or, in my case, mathematics.

    I have always liked to draw in pencil, ink, or charcoal. Recently, I have begun to work in, or rather, play with, watercolors and acrylics. I am now doing a series of paintings inspired by a type of combinatorial design. Combinatorial designs have been studied by mathematicians for many years.

    I draw (and occasionally prove theorems) because I enjoy doing so. I also enjoy seeing the works of others.

    1. To draw is to be as fully present as one can be in the moment. Being aware of the presence of the subject(s) before you and around you as well as the movements within you and reconciling this opposition . The challenge being not just to draw what you see but to attempt to get closer to a reality or truth that is both inner and outer.

  7. I love to create and one of the tools that i use the most is drawing, because you just need a pencil and a piece of paper to do it.
    I enjoy sketching my ideas, some times i copy objects but normaly i design things. I like the process of downloading images or pictures from my imagination, then turn them into paintings, sculptures or jewells

  8. I draw as part of satisfying a need to be creative. It is also a way to stop the chaos whether it’s thinking about family, friends, business, etc. The focus needed to draw serves as a type of m duration

  9. Hello Everyone,

    We are pleased to announce that from a random selection our ticket will be presented to both Diane and Marcia.

    The Morgan offered us a second ticket for our members.

    I would like to thank everyone for submitting a comment. They provide an insight into whey we draw.

    We look forward to offering more tickets, etc. in the near future.

    Thank you,
    Drawing New York

  10. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this event. The drawing is astonishing! I learned so much about Renoir, his training and his process and came away with a new respect for him and interest in his work. Museum Director Colin Bailey is a lively, brilliant speaker and I look forward to attending more events with him present.

  11. Hi Simon,

    I was very fortunate to be given a ticket to the lecture at The Morgan about the new Renoir drawing it acquired.

    The director was charming and told us the process of how the museum acquired the drawing. He then spoke about Renoir and showed a slide of the beautiful painting that the drawing is based on and other slides of Renoir’s paintings, which were stunning. He finished the lecture by allowing us to get close to the drawing.

    It was a privilege to have this amazing opportunity. Thank-you so much!


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